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Film & Television

Hollywood Casting Director and Talent Manager, Stanzi Stokes will be conducting two webinars in association with the California Miramar University Extension in September.  The first webinar is titled “How To Help Your Children Get Started in Commercials, TV and Films, Safely and Ethically.”  This program is designed to show children who are interested in becoming actors, and their parents, how to get started in the right way and avoid the many scams that are out there.  

The second webinar is designed for anyone who has had a dream of becoming an actor or actress in TV, Films or Commercials.   It is titled “How To Break Into Acting in Hollywood." As a major Hollywood Casting Director, Stanzi knows the right way and the wrong way of pursuing your dream.   

Stanzi was the casting director for such hit films as “The Terminator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger breakout roll), “The China Syndrome” (where she discovered Wilford Brimely); “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (where she discovered Keanu Reeves), the television series, “The New Adventures of Lassie” (where she cast the young Leonardo De Caprio in his first film or television role) and many, many more. Stanzi has worked with such industry directing giants as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Robert Zemeckis.

Stanzi specializes in working with and helping children become accomplished actors. As her resume indicates, Stanzi has a great eye for finding new talent and helping that talent get established in Hollywood.

Stanzi also plans to offer children (11 and under); teen (12 to 18)   and adult  (19 and over) acting classes beginning in the fall in association with California Miramar University.  Classes will be held for 3 and 4 hour sessions on consecutive weekends.  Class sizes will be limited to 20 students per class.  

Tuition for these  weekend workshops  are $297.00 for six hours of classes with Stanzi.  As an active casting agent and manager, Stanzi has cast and/or represented her top students in  numerous Commercials, Television and Film projects. For more information please contact the University at    

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